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Invoice Capture: Outsourced

Guaranteed service quality and full visibility of costs, delivers peace of mind to organisations outsourcing the invocie scan & capture function


Invoice Capture: Outsourced

Clarity Square's invoice scan & capture service can receive, scan and capture data from your invoices, without the need for significant capital investment - you simply pay for each invoice processed.

  • End to end process management - receipt and management of invoice mail. Open, batch, scan, capture and validate relevant data items from an invoice. Invoice image and associated data file transmitted to customer.
  • Customer driven data capture - Optional Header / Footer or Header / Footer and Line level capture services. Multi lingual also accommodated.
  • Cost effective solution - no investment in technology needed and operating costs significantly lower than in house model.
  • Clear visibility of costs and quality. Transactional charge structure - irrespective of how much effort it takes to process, the charge will be the same.  Quality driven by agreed SLA.
  • Rapid deployment - services can be rolled out to new customers in hours, rather than months for an in house deployment.

How it works

Mail Delivery

Mail can either be routed to a PO Box hosted at our processing centre(s), or sent to the customer’s site where it is re-directed.  For control reasons, our recommendation is for supplier’s to route invoices directly to a PO Box at our centre.  Please note, PO Box addresses are set up to give the impression our centre is the customers site.

Receive Mail & Sort

If a Royal Mail service such as PO Box is leveraged, mail will be received sorted by PO Box.  Where such a service has not been taken, mail is received and sorted into the appropriate customer service.

Open, Sort & Batch

Mail is loaded into one of our mail opening machines, where the envelope is opened and the contents presented to one of our operators. The operator will review the contents and depending on the customer agreed business rule, will sort the contents into one of the following:

  • To be scanned – for example, invoices and those documents to be scanned with the invoice, e.g. statements, time sheets, letters, etc.  Please note, during the set up phase, mail sorting rules will be agreed with the customer.

  • To be forwarded to customer – for example, statements, catalogues, etc.

  • To be destroyed – for example, flyers, catalogues, etc.

Documents to be scanned are collated into batches.  A batch header sheet is added to the front of the batch, an ‘invoice separator’ sheet is inserted between invoices and an ‘attachment separator’ sheet inserted between invoices with attachments.

Scan & Archive

Documents are scanned.  Each invoice image is assigned a unique ID that stays with it throughout processing and acts as a pointer to the original paper document stored in the archive.  Once scanned, the batch header is updated and the invoice batch is inserted into an appropriate archive box.  Depending on the business rules agreed with the customer, the archive box will be sent back to customer, put into ‘deep storage’ or destroyed.

OCR / Data Capture

Invoice images are uploaded into our Intelligent Data Capture application.  Leveraging OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engines and other extraction mechanisms, the relevant Invoice data is captured and validated.

Review & Validate

Every data item required on every invoice is reviewed and validated by one our Invoice processing operators, to ensure:

  • What data is required by the customer has been captured

  • The data captured is an accurate representation of what is on the invoice

As well as manual validation, automatic validation checks ensure we deliver against our agreed SLA.

Transfer To Client / Processing Environment

Following review by one of our Invoice processing operators, the invoice is released and transferred to the client (or Palette Invoice if taken by the customer).  Although we scan in batches, our service operates at the document level. As such, as soon as the invoice has been reviewed and validated, the invoice is transferred to the customer’s processing environment. 

If you receive more than 20 invoices per week, Clarity Square can help you reduce the cost of invoice processing while increasing the controls, compliance and visibility of commitment. Request more information here.