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Invoice Capture: PDF/Email

Email to e-Invoice - receive and convert emailed invoices to facilitate automatic processing

Most finance applications can now generate PDF documents and automatically send via email to the customer. As result, more and more invoices are being received into finance departments via email.

Although a low cost way for the supplier sending, customer's receiving often rely on a manual approach to process invoices received in this manner, in order to process in the same way as other invoices received into the business.

Clarity Square's  PDF Email to e-Invoice service provides the answer to this problem.

How it works

  • Input. Invoices are directed to a customer specific email address where the application detaches the invoice, checks the document and generates a receipt that is sent back to the supplier.
  • Process and Validate. The application parses the document, capturing all relevant invoice data.  Document and customer specific validation rules are applied to ensure the invoice satisfies the customers requirements.
  • Output. The resultant invoice data - and original image - are delivered from this process and can be uploaded into Clarity Square's Invoice Workflow environment (Baltzar Invoice from Palette), or the customer's own processing environment.

Clarity Square's Email to e-Invoice application can be delivered as a standalone service - or in conjunction with other Invoice Capture and Automation components.

If you receive more than 20 invoices per week, Clarity Square can help you reduce the cost of invoice processing while increasing the controls, compliance and visibility of commitment. Request more information here.