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Invoice Processing

Remove paper and automate processing to create an efficient and effective Accounts Payable function

Invoice Processing Workflow

Organisations wishing to automate their invoice processing function commonly need to accomodate a multi channel approach for receiving and capturing invoices. A workflow solution receives the results from the capture component and manages the subsequent invoice processing steps - automating many if not all - through to payment.

Invoice Capture

Underpinning P2P and invoice automation, is the realisation that paper can be removed from the process. There are a number of options:

  • e-Invoice: Technical and legislative advance have allowed eInvoicing to become a reality. However, contrary to what some say, paper will never be completely removed from a Purchase to Pay function. A fully optimised P2P function must have a solution to accommodate paper invoices.
  • Invoices received by email: Most finance applications can now generate PDF documents and automatically send via email to the customer. As such, more and more invoices are now generated and delivered in such a way. Although a low cost way for the supplier to deliver invoices, customer organisations must still have a method by which to receive and process them in the most efficient way possible.
  • Invoice Scan & Capture (OCR) Applications: There are numerous Invoice Capture solutions in the market that leverage OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to help to automatically capture data items from an invoice image.
  • Invoice Scan & Capture Bureaus: Alternatively, there are now a number of organisations that will perform this as a service – receiving paper invoices in the post and delivering the customer an invoice image and associated data file.

Invoice Processing Workflow (Baltzar Invoice)

Capturing invoice data in a low cost and automated fashion, only solves one half of the problem. Making sense of it and automating the subsequent processing is where the real value is derived. Invoice Automation Workflow - provided by Baltzar Invoice (from Palette) provides a controlled environment to manage and automate the invoice processing.

Supplier Portal (Baltzar Supplier)

Baltzare Supplier extends Palette’s communications and exceptions handling capabilities to assist our customers suppliers and business partners. 

Baltzar supplier is a complete and functionally rich self service supplier portal. Palette customers that implement this module can provide their suppliers with easy access to information concerning processing steps and payment information of their own invoices. This self service process drastically reduces the number of phone calls into the AP department or other internal users. Suppliers can choose to view the status of their invoices and submit an electronic message concerning resolution. This values and enhances supplier relationships. The Supplier Product also provides users with a simple way of generating and submitting web invoices or credit notes that will not require scanning or data entry.


If you receive more than 20 invoices per week, Clarity Square can help you reduce the cost of invoice processing while increasing the controls, compliance and visibility of commitment. Request more information here.