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Invoice Capture: Paper

Scan and capture invoices with greater accuracy and efficiency

Invoice Capture: Paper

There are numerous suppliers offering Intelligent Data Capture solutions for paper invoices.  Each supplier claiming their product is better than the next.  Our staff have hands on deployment experience of most of the main solutions offered in this space.  This experience has allowed us to identify AnyDoc as providing the strongest solution in this space, which is why we've selected them as our partner. 

AnyDoc Invoice is a  platform that enables automated data capture of invoices. The solution uses a combination of different technical approaches, including freeform recognition and a learn-by-example non-template approach. Easy to use and flexible, AnyDoc Invoice can be optimised by non-IT specialists, and tailored to handle exceptions for important suppliers.

  • Flexible freeform recognition - AnyDoc is far better at capturing line-item level data than template-based technologies. It also uses artificial intelligence to handle minor differences or deviations in the received invoice
  • Learn-by-example - the solution continuously improves accuracy, the more it processes
  • Easier to maintain and extend - its learn-by-example technology for classification and extraction, making it easier to maintain and extend than solutions built with templates and rules
  • Powerful statistical reporting and visual aids - results can be viewed instantly, enabling you to rapidly identify process bottlenecks

If you receive more than 20 invoices per week, Clarity Square can help you reduce the cost of invoice processing while increasing the controls, compliance and visibility of commitment. Request more information here.