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Payment Processing Services

Efficient processing of customer, supplier and employee payments will have a positive impact on cash flow, reduce DSO and minimise finance and operating costs

Procsure has a strategic partnership with a leading Business Process Outsource organisation that specialises in finance transaction processing services.  These services are delivered direct to end customers and on behalf of a number of high street banks as 'white label' services.  

Their scalable services leverage economies of scale and relationships with the banking sector to deliver a high quality service in a cost effective outsourced model - over 100,000 payments a day processed through their UK based operation.

Postal Payments (cheques, remittances, etc)

Although decreasing every year, cheques are still an acceptable method of payment - and in some sectors, the main method of payment.  Our postal payment service reduces cost, error rates and the time to recognise the cash.

Our service provides clients with a dedicated PO Box to direct all incoming postal payments to our processing centre. Payments are received, validated & prepared for same-day clearing. Key data from cheques/postal orders/credit card mandates, remittances & correspondence is captured and presented to the client to be uploaded into their finance system.

Images of all payments, remittances & correspondence processed on behalf of the client are hosted in a secure web enabled repository (ADIR - Advanced Digital Image Repository). In addition, we provide a secure storage & disposal service if required.

The remittance processing service is ideal for clients who wish to migrate away from postal payments in the longer term; have to ‘staff-up’ to meet peak billing activity; or are simply looking to utilise valuable staff resource more effectively on core business activities.

This service incorporates some or all of the following process steps, according to individual client’s requirements:

  • Receipt of payments/remittances at our Processing Centre via a PO Box
  • Verifying the payment (cheque, credit/debit card, postal order etc)
  • Capturing details of the payment/remittance using scanning/ICR techniques
  • Banking the payments on the day of receipt
  • Same day transmission of finance data to the end client’s accounting system
  • Forwarding of images to client, or storage on a hosted Internet application
  • Rejection handling
  • White mail (correspondence) handling
  • Provision of management information
  • Secure storage and disposal of original documents
  • Remittances with payments executed via BACS are reconciled using a subset
    service known as BACS reconciliation

Automated BACS/CHAPS Credits

Electronic Funds Transfer is a BACS/CHAPS payment processing service.  The typical customer is a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) who uses the service to manage payments both to staff and to suppliers.

Payment instructions are sent via fax, phone or electronic means where they are validated & processed via BACS/CHAPS.  Supporting the EFT service is a telephone helpdesk and customer service unit to handle incoming queries from banks and customers.

Automated BACS/CHAPS Direct Debits

An AUDDIS compliant debiting platform allows users to create paper and paperless Direct Debit payments.

BACS Reconciliation Service

For invoices paid by BACS we offer a service that focuses on removing the manual activity involved in reconciling the Bank statement with BACS remittance advice  within the Receivables department.

In addition to the main remittance processing activities (above) that apply to remittance documents, the BACS Reconciliation service performs a daily reconciliation of the BACS remittance details with the clients banking data file.  A reconciled transaction file is passed back to the client to upload into their finance application.

This is a necessary but typically onerous task for clients.  We will re-process matching failures over a number of days, until payment is deposited into the client account.


"the service allows us to benefit from new technology, to improve our efficiency and effectiveness and enables us to be more flexible in our approach to getting the job done. Because the operation works so well, it feels as though they are part of our organisation rather than outside it" - payment processing customer