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Credit Control and Collection

CashflowWorks provides an affordable easy to learn web application, credit control support and training - all of which improves cashflow, lowers bad debt risks and associated finance and operation costs

CashflowWorks Software

When economic and credit conditions were good, collections activities received little attention. However, in today's business climate, poor collections strategies can no longer be hidden by increases in new business. Debt collection is moving from a cost centre to a front-line profit driver.

Accepting customers is easy enough – but selecting those with manageable risk profiles and the potential to deliver long-term profitability, requires a high level of expertise.


How it works

CashflowWorks automates and streamlines the processes involved in good credit control, enabling you to collect your money more quickly and easily.

The solution integrates voice and e-communication on pre-established workflows, ensuring performance is standardised across the entire credit control team - whether internal or through external third party resource. 

Each customer group (VIP, Watchlist, Standard) may be assigned different workflows, so higher value and higher risk customers receive more attention. The CashflowWorks platform provides ultimate flexibility in allocating tasks to your staff and ours, escalating higher value older debt to senior staff and aligning all aspects of collections to company policy.

Following implementation you will increase productivity whilst delivering operating cost savings through resource optimisation, improved cash collections and reduced debt.

Key Benefits

  • Improves your cash flow 
  • Resolves queries faste
  • Lowers bad debt risk
  • Reduces finance and operations costs

Key Features

  • Credit scoring & risk management
  • Multi company support
  • Reduces bad debt
  • Automated e-communications (statements & collections)
  • Multi currency support
  • Query/dispute management (real-time & historic reports)
  • Outsource capability (including on-demand collectors)
  • Usability


CashflowWorks pioneered cloud based deployment.  There is no up front capital investment. It is delivered as a service via the web, allowing you to access your account from anywhere with an internet connection and at anytime.  No downloads or installations required.

Highly intuitive user interface, configurable workflow, multi location collections and upcoming mobile access - no wonder customers customers speak so highly of CashflowWorks.


CashflowWorks Instant - this is appropriate for single company organisations with up to 2 collection staff.

CashflowWorks Professional - this is appropriate for single or multi company organisations, with more than 2 collection staff.  Please note, CashflowWorks Professional also includes CashflowWorks FastStart program.

CashflowWorks Services

There are a number of supporting CashflowWorks services that can be taken 'as needed', should the customer require them:

  • Credit Control & Collections Health Check - a no obligation,  free of charge assessment of the credit control and collection functions.  The aim is to identify areas of focus where technology, people or process changes may have a positive impact on the business.
  • CashflowWorks Fast Start - this is a short program, specifically aligned to the CashflowWorks solution offering.  The program focuses on rolling out the CashflowWorks software solution as well as working with the customer to put in place a collection strategy and key performance and operational measures.
  • CashflowWorks Outsourced Services - in addition to the CashflowWorks software and supporting consulting services, customers have the option to partial or full outsourcing of the credit control function.