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SaaS & On Demand Services

Reduce capital expenditure, support and maintenance effort by subscribing to Clarity Square's On Demand Services

Clarity Square is committed to delivering the most appropriate best fit solution to our customers. 

Our SaaS and On Demand services provide all the functional components of an in house deployed solution, but is delivered via the web and charged on an ‘as used’ basis. 


Although not applicable for all customers, there are a number of benefits of an On Demand delivery model v’s In house solution:

  • Reduced capital expenditure.  All software (data capture, invoice automation workflow, etc) and hardware (scanners, servers, etc) are embedded in the transaction price.

  • Reduced maintenance & support.  All maintenance (application, database, back up, recovery, etc) and support (help desk, etc) are delivered by Clarity Square and embedded in the transaction price.

  • Reduced operating costs.  This is our business.  The economises of scale allow us offer extremely competitive prices.

  • Increased visibility of costs.  The On Demand service is charged on an as used transaction basis.

  • Peace of mind. Our Service Level Agreements provide customers with peace of mind, from everything from quality of data captured, through to up time of the workflow environment.


Clarity Square provides SaaS and On Demand solutions to support:

  • Credit Control and Collection - CashflowWorks is provided as a service delivered via the web.  Please click here for more information.
  • Payment Processing - all payment services are delivered from our UK based processing centre. Please click here for more information.
  • Purchase to Pay - there a number of deployment options available for the Purchase to Pay solution outlined here. These are summarised below.


Purchase to Pay Solution Options

A P2P solution can be delivered in one of three ways:

  • Fully In House.  All solution components are deployed and configured on Customer servers.  Customer takes full responsibility for maintaining hardware and first level software support.
  • On Demand as a Service.  All solution components are provided, hosted and maintained by Clarity Square.  The customer accesses the solution via the web and pays for the service on a per transaction basis.
  • Half & half.  The invoice scanning and capture component of the solution is provided as a service. The output from this service (invoice image file and associated invoice data) is delivered electronically to the customer where it is uploaded into the customer’s processing environment to be matched / coded / approved.