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Finance & Procurement Health Check

Independent review that provides a snapshot of current performance and identifies areas where change may have a positive impact

There are number of areas that impact on the performance of finance and procurement:

  • Organisation, People & Culture
  • Business Partners
  • Processes
  • Technology

Clarity Square's no obligation health check will focus on a number of these areas to provide a snap shot of current performance and to identify areas where change may improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Our health check service is typically aligned to either Procurement and Accounts Payable, or Credit Control and Collection functions.

Procurement and Accounts Payable Health Check

Typically a short engagement lasting no more than 5 days.  The structure and areas covered, are dependent on customer requirements, but would typically aim to address questions such as:

  • are there opportunities to consolidate and/or rationalise the supplier base?
  • are products & services being procured and managed in the most efficient & effective manner?  (incl. evaluation of consignment / self bill / VMI / blanket orders, etc)
  • is there a need to simplify the process for certain categories / value of spend?
  • are people and organisation aligned to the vision of an effective and efficient P2P?

A short report is delivered following completion of this exercise, highlighting areas where change may have a positive impact on the business. 

Credit Control & Collection Health Check

Our health check will typically form the basis of the CashflowWorks solution we offer.  This is a holistic review of your credit function and its interaction with your business as a whole.

Customer Segmentation
  • Credit Terms
Collections Policy Review
  • Credit Approvals
  • Early Interventions
  • Escalation
  • Risk Management 
Staffing Review
  • Current expenses
  • Productivity
  • Skills
If you are satisfied with our review the resulting documentation will typically be used to create your customised CashflowWorks Fast Start program and associated documentation.